FBI releases Clinton email documents

FBI releases Clinton email documents 

Posted: 2:01 pm Friday, September 2nd, 2016

By Jamie Dupree

Just before a long holiday weekend, the FBI on Friday afternoon released documents from its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State, all part of a probe that did not result in any criminal charges against the Democratic nominee for sending classified materials via email.

The documents included details of the FBI interview with Clinton, which was not under oath – along with a summary of the investigation undertaken into her server and email use.

Both of them were redacted in parts, like this part about Clinton sending emails to President Obama while she was traveling out of the country:

In fact, in the longer of the documents – the summary of the investigation – the final 13 pages are all blank.

The interview notes show that FBI officials gave Clinton a number of emails to review – some she did not recall seeing, others she questioned whether they were really classified in nature.

The interview has repeated examples of Clinton saying she “did not recall” a certain email, or a certain issue, which is sure to leave her Republican critics wanting more.

“The FBI provided Clinton with copies of her classified e-mails ranging from CONFIDENTIAL TO TOP SECRET/SAP and Clinton said she did not believe the e-mails contained classified information,” the summary stated.

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