Trump, Clinton roll out new TV ads

Trump, Clinton roll out new TV ads 

Posted: 4:46 pm Monday, August 29th, 2016

By Jamie Dupree

With Labor Day almost here – regarded by many as the ‘official’ start of the fall campaign for President – the campaigns of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have rolled out new TV ads this week, both taking sharp jabs at the other.

Trump’s latest ad on the economy basically charges that Clinton will screw things up even more, while Trump would be an economic savior.

Clinton meanwhile is after Trump again on the outsourcing of jobs in the production of his line of clothing, as this ad follows on one that featured David Letterman giving Trump a hard time over why his ties and shirts are made overseas.

Trump is putting $10 million into his new ad, which will run in nine different battleground states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida (where Trump has been on the air), and then adding in New Hampshire, Virginia, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada.

Even with this buy, Trump is far behind Clinton when it comes to the amount of money spent on campaign ads so far; it’s estimated that the Clinton campaign has spent over $75 million on radio and TV ads, while Trump is closer to $5 million.

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