Obama, Clinton take aim at Trump

Obama, Clinton take aim at Trump 

Posted: 1:48 pm Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

By Jamie Dupree

Diving into a growing political fight in the wake of the terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, President Obama and Hillary Clinton used separate speeches to turn their fire on Donald Trump, as the President accused Trump of wrongly using divisive rhetoric to single out immigrants and religious minorities.

“Where does this stop?” the President asked in a tone that grew more angry as he attacked Trump’s call to block Muslims from entering the U.S. and more.

“That’s not the America we want,” Mr. Obama said.

While the President made his remarks at the White House after a briefing on U.S. efforts against the Islamic State, Hillary Clinton was in Pittsburgh, warming up her own rhetorical shots at Trump, as the two gave what seemed like a coordinated attack on Trump.

Clinton ridiculed Trump’s speech on Monday in New Hampshire, saying it was filled with “bizarre rants and outright lies,” as she and the President echoed each other.

“He is fixated on the words, ‘radical Islam,'” Clinton said of Trump in her speech. “I must say, I find this strange. Is Donald Trump suggesting there are magic words, that once uttered, will stop terrorists from coming after us?”

Back at the White House, the President also linked magic to GOP semantics.

“There’s no magic to the phrase ‘radical Islam’ – it’s a political talking point, not a strategy,” the President said.

Both the President and his former Secretary of State also blasted Trump’s call to block Muslims from entering the United States, as a way to safeguard Americans against terrorist attacks like Orlando.

“The terrorist who carried out this attack wasn’t born in Afghanistan, as Donald Trump said yesterday – he was born in Queens, New York, just like Donald was himself,” Clinton said.

“Muslim bans and immigration reforms would not have stopped him – they would not have saved a single life in Orlando,” Clinton added.

Trump took to Twitter to respond, again making the argument that he is the better candidate for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

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