A Quiet End Of The Line 

Posted: 12:48 pm Thursday, October 30th, 2008

By Jamie Dupree

Unless the White House hasn’t been sending out the schedule of Vice President Cheney of late, he has not exactly been burning up the tarmac to campaign for GOP candidates around the country.

For that matter, neither has President Bush, who is fulfilling pretty much the same role that Bill Clinton had – standing on the sidelines during the race to replace him.

The difference this time obviously is that the Vice President isn’t running for the job, so both Cheney and Bush have had some quality time with each other in the West Wing.

Cheney will be on the road on Saturday.  Why don’t you try to guess where.

It definitely won’t be for John McCain, so you can knock that idea down right away.  Guess again.  Someone in Congress? 

Cheney has done a steady diet of those kind of events over the past few months.  Bzzzzzt.  Not the right answer this time.

Is he going to a big state where Republicans need some help overall?  Bzzzzzt.  Nope.  That’s not the right answer either.

Go ahead – search through the recesses of your brain all you want and you probably won’t come up with the Cheney itinerary, which is…

If you said making remarks to a pre-election Wyoming Victory Rally at Laramie High School in Laramie, then you got it right.

That’s about all the Veep can do right now, is go back to his home state and rally the voters in one of the more reliably Republican states to check the GOP ticket on the ballot.

The last time Wyoming went Democrat for a President was LBJ in 1964.  They do have two US Senate races this year.  Both of those seats are expected to stay in the Red column.

At least there’s one thing the Veep can say to the Prez, at least he got invited to do an election event that was in public, and not behind closed doors.

It has to be a crummy way to end your time in office, but it’s happened to Democrats and Republicans alike.

Oh, by the way, the First Lady will be on the trail again in coming days, doing a Victory Rally in Kentucky.  All the while, the Prez will be back at the White House, waiting to see who gets his the keys to the Oval.


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